What's New?

The end of festival season is nearing, and I've learned a lot! Here's new things you can expect to see in the shop by the end of the summer:

More Hand Dyed Yarn

100% Merino DK in "Tangerine"

People were really receptive to the colors I'm making and I'm so excited to make more! I'll also need to knit samples in my yarn to highlight the beautiful color variations throughout.

More Bison Fiber (and yarn!)

We have double the bison than we used to, and I have been asked many times for yarn, not just the fiber. It's difficult to spin because of the short staple length, but I plan to blend it with some wool, silk, and alpaca to give it more softness and strength. I'll still have fiber as well.

Chunky and Aran Weight Yarns

I plan on hand spinning the chunky weight this summer and I have some worsted/aran weight on order. It's nice to have something to offer other than fingering and DK weights.

More Granny Squares!

I'm still taking donations of granny squares since I'm making larger size blankets. If you want to host a Learn and Contribute Workshop, please contact me and we can work out the details.

I'm so excited that things are really taking off for Happiness Yarn Co this year! I have other community service based projects in the early stages, including projects to raise mental health awareness.

Check out what's new in my Ravelry store, too. I've got some patterns coming this summer (to go along with my yarn, of course!)

Happy Stitching!


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