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My Quest for Less Stress (is stressing me out)

I've decided that making a blog post everyday is not in my best interest. Even though it's not a big deal to do, it began to be a source of stress for me. It weighed in the back of my mind all day long until I wrote the post. I recently burned my hand very badly and was unable to type (or do anything, for that matter). I found great relief in not having to commit to a blog post so I decided to stop. In the future, I will make my challenges 20 days long, not 100. That was a bit ambitious. It's hard to stay motivated when you can't see the finish line. As for eating well and meditating, those are things that I continue to do because they serve me well and doing them makes sense.

I have had to re-prioritize. This always starts with cleaning my house. Not just cleaning up but cleaning out and re-organizing. A new furniture layout and a purge of stuff makes me feel so light and fresh. It truly does bring me happiness.

I've also decided that I'm not a blogger. I thought maybe I could be but I'll leave that to the people that somehow have time to do that. I want to hone my focus in on what is important to my business. My intention is to share how fiber arts has made me a happier, more mindful, and more peaceful person and how others can walk their own path to peacefulness. Not that I've found the end of my path. I hope that path never ends. Learning about oneself is a joy and I hope to never stop learning, growing, and changing.

It's crazy how this clarity only came to me after I cleaned my house. Cluttered house, cluttered mind I guess.

I'm currently working on a new free pattern I've released recently, The Granny Shawl 2.0.

Find it here.

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