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New Year, New Yarn!

Happy New Year!

Now that Clara is turning 1 year old, it's becoming easier for other people to watch her so I can focus on my passions (other than her). I will have more bison coming as well as a lot more yarn; handspun and/or hand dyed. It's a dream of mine to go to festivals and sell yarn, fiber, and other knitting/crocheted goods. I want to make this year the year that I get serious about creating enough inventory to make my dreams a reality :).

eating birthday cake

Clara is doing well. We will find out on Valentine's Day if she will need another major surgery or if she will just have the surgery to take the hardware out of her head. We have stopped the turning phase and now we're just waiting on her skull to grow back in. The doctors say it's growing in really fast!

I will have more bison fiber this year. April or May will be when I can get the bulk of it because that's the time they start shedding their no-longer-needed winter coats. The fiber sells well, but I have yet to spin any myself because it sells so fast. I will actually set some aside for myself this time. I have a little left over from this past season that I haven't processed, so maybe I'll spin that and put fiber back in the shop sometime around April or June. I will definitely be making an announcement when that happens!

Also coming to the shop a little sooner than that will be some hand dyed yarns. They are a 3 ply merino/nylon blend and DK weight. This yarn is perfect for socks, shawls, and sweaters. I will start out with a limited number in different colorways and depend on feedback to see what people like. If that goes well, I'd like to add some bamboo and cotton blends. Cotton is my favorite fiber to make baby items out of and I just can't get over how much I love the feel of bamboo when it's against my skin. If my bison spinning goes well, you can find that in the shop, too. Probably around August or September, just in time for cold weather knitting!

New patterns, too! My personal goal this year is to publish at least one lace pattern and as many easy, free patterns as I can. I have a ton of patterns that I just made up that I really need to share with the world! A coffee cup cozy, fingerless mitts with a lace border, and a bandana cowl will all be making their debut this year, plus more! More tutorials will be showing up on my homepage as well, so don't miss out on the opportunity to learn something new.

I'll keep this short and sweet since I have a limited window during nap time (she's actually taking a SECOND nap!) You can sign up for a private lesson on my website now, and I will (hopefully) have a schedule soon where I'll do monthly or bi-monthly classes at a public venue. Heck, maybe I'll host knit-a-thons at the park when the weather is nice. You can keep track of the shop here and watch for my new patterns here. Follow me on facebook here for announcements.

Keep on stitching!

- Candace

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