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Day 11 - Because I Said I Would

On day 12 of my Whole30 (yes, I'm a day ahead), so far I have successfully navigated eating out, meetings with provided meals and desert, a pancake supper and a football game without breaking my compliance to the program. These events are accomplishments because the part of my brain that thinks it deserves a reward or says, "just this once, everybody expects me to have some" is very powerful. I've been able to stop my cravings in their tracks by keeping a few things in mind;

- the feeling of accomplishment for not breaking my promise to myself will be far greater than the food that breaks that promise.

- nobody actually cares or notices what I eat.

- I'm in too deep to break down and have sugar now, especially since my insulin levels are probably starting to even out and get to a place where they should be.

I'm actually starting to see way less cravings and saying "no" to off-program foods is super easy. I keep remembering the first time I did Whole30 and had a bread-like food for the first time in weeks. It tasted like flour in my mouth. Not appetizing.

So I keep trucking along because I said I would. I made a promise to myself. Normally, I don't care about promises I make to myself, but I want this to be different. I want to be the type of person that keeps self-made promises. I know I can do it because I've done it before. I wasn't sure I had it in me to get a bachelor's degree. In my last semester I was so stressed, tired, and overworked that I really thought I was going to quit. Just a semester break. But I didn't and the feeling of accomplishment was that much more sweeter because of the struggle.

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