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Day 9 - Treat Yo' Self. Or Not.

In my Whole30 Day by Day book, the day 10 "extra credit" says to treat yourself in some way that doesn't involve food. That's easy for me. I don't normally treat myself with food. The thing I do treat myself with, though, is just as detrimental to my well-being. I treat myself with time. That probably doesn't make any sense either because it just doesn't, or because it seems like a fantastic way to treat yourself without food. The problem for me is that I use procrastination or being lazy as a treat. I don't think this serves me well. I should be treating myself with getting something done so I can feel better about myself, right?

I decided to paint as a treat. Not only because I enjoy painting and haven't done it in a while, but because I actually need to paint something for a fundraising event. I thought this was a pretty good compromise. I'm also going to take an incredible shower tonight with the special shampoo that makes your scalp tingle.

It's astonishing that it took me this long to figure out that procrastination isn't a treat. It may feel good now, but you have to be kind to your future self, too. Take a look at what you usually treat yourself with and ask some hard questions; does this serve me well? Do I overuse this treat? Would my future self be proud of this treat, or would she feel guilt? It's not a treat if it makes you feel bad in the end. Treats are to be used sparingly. It will become a habit if it's used too much and that is definitely a rabbit hole I've found myself in. I treat myself even when I don't deserve it because I think it will motivate me. Spoiler: it doesn't and won't.

I'm going to attempt to come up with some treats for myself that don't involve food or wasting time. Wasting time is one of my favorite things to do, so this is probably a MUCH needed change.

But hey, at least I'm making time to blog before 10 PM. I'm feeling energetic and motivated because my house is clean. And because I tried Starbucks' new nitro brewed coffee. I was pleasantly surprised but still ashamed to say that I paid 4 bucks for a cup of black coffee. I guess that was a treat!

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