Day 7

I'm writing this post at the last second. In bed.

It's hard to make time for your habits everyday. I generally think it's okay to skip out on habits every now and then, but not when you're trying to make them a habit. On the flip side, if you have a habit you want to keep, don't let it slip for more than one day because skipping could become a new habit. Our motivations seem to be so fragile. Keeping your resolve is a constant challenge. In my meditation journal, it talks about how you need to see yourself as two different people; the person that knows what she wants and gets it done, and the person that makes excuses to convince the other that "it's not so important right now." Realizing that you can acknowledge the second voice without acting on it is empowering. For some reason, thinking about it this way really resonates with me and has helped me a lot... When I remember to think of things that way. Truth is, there's a lot of tricks and techniques to keep in mind. I'm really looking forward to those hacks becoming second nature and not so clumsy and difficult to remember. It takes practice and I know I'll get there.

My present self is a projection of my future self. If I'm being who I want to become right now, that's half the battle.

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