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Day 4 - Rule 3 and Setbacks

So this post is late.

Yesterday I drove 2.5 hours to San Antonio to get my tattoo worked on. I've got a back mural with a sunset, and ocean, and a blue whale. I'm getting everything colored in. After my session was over, I went to Whole Foods and ate lunch in the cafe. I ended up staying for 3 hours just working on stuff. I didn't, however, write a blog post. I had dinner with a friend (and stayed Whole30 compliant!) and drove 2.5 hours back home. I arrived at 1:30 am and went straight to bed. So no blog post. I broke a rule, but I'm not sweating it. You can't be perfect, and I let go of my perfectionism long ago in college as an art major. That's no reason to call off the whole thing, though. You just accept your setback and keep going. Today is actually the day I'm supposed to talk about Rule 3 and why it's a rule. So ironic.

Anyway, here's why I decided on Rule 3: Blog About My Experience Every Day.

I have always loved to write. In elementary, middle, and high school I wrote regularly. In a journal, short stories and in the school paper. I prefer to write by hand, but I don't do that as often as typing is much more convenient. I also did UIL creative writing and journalism. I stopped writing so much while in college because as an art major, I just didn't have the time to dedicate and other things got pushed ahead in my list of important things.

Writing has always given me joy, though. So it makes sense that I would write more. Writing releases tension in my spirit by getting all my thoughts out of my head and into the world.

I also want to hold myself accountable by publishing my daily "journaling" online. Even if no one reads (which I'm sure no one is) just the thought of my ramblings being out there in the world for anyone to read helps keep me on the path I want to be on. I also want to be a better writer. I think writing every day would be adequate practice.

Even though I'm having to write two blog posts today because I missed yesterday, I'm just going to keep going like nothing happened. Oh well. I'll do better today and the day after that. I'm keeping this post short because I need to go help work the buffalo. I will write about that tonight (with pictures!).

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