The Granny Square Project

I started taking donations of Granny Squares about 6 months ago and have gotten so many donations from so many generous people! Now, I have more squares than I alone can stitch together. My hope is that some more of these generous people will donated their time to help me make some family's day at Dell Children's Medical Center by giving them a blanket handmade with love. 

My daughter had two surgeries there so I care very much about the happiness of these kids. I know as a parent, when your child is in the hospital and someone gives them something: a toy, a book, a blanket, they get so happy because usually their day is filled with getting poked and prodded and having their vitals taken. Most of these kids are hooked up to machines and confined to roam the halls of the hospital. I met many families during my stays that had been there for several weeks or even months. 


Child Life Services has told me they need toddler and preschooler sized blankets right now. I will keep checking in with them and see what other needs arise.  

Email me at to inquire about hosting a workshop. If you have granny squares or other crochet goods you would like to donate, you can email me and I will give you the address to send them in. I stitch the granny squares together to make blankets, so anything helps!

Please check my calendar or my facebook for meetup times and locations for blanket assembly and square making. 

© 2018 Candace Pauly