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It's Here!

See Details Below

I'm so excited that DYS is finally here! I am selling through Etsy right now and if I can justify the need, I will invest in making the process easier right on my website.

Click on a base to get directed to the Etsy page for that base.

Click here to see details on the bases I offer.

Step 1

Choose Your Base

Fairytale | Shine | Joy | Sparkle | Magic | Bliss

Breeze | Cloud

Step 2

Choose Your Dye Method

Variegated | Speckled | Half&Half | Space Dyed

Step 3

Choose Your Colors

Poppy | Royal | Sunny | Blaze | Shire | Violet | Lagoon | Emerald | Magenta | Sky | Periwinkle | Chartreuse | Gold | Silver | Bronze | Natural

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