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Get Started

Get Started with a Slip Knot

Every crochet or knit project you will ever do will start with a slip knot. Even the magic circle method is a variation of this knot. This method I use to teach is the easiest way to learn, trust me!

How To Slip Knot.jpg

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Make a Chain

Now Make a Foundation Chain

A foundation chain is the beginning of your new project. I suggest practicing until you get a nice, even chain. When you're reading a pattern and it says "chain 20" this is what they're talking about. This chain DOES NOT count as row 1.

How To Foundation Chain.jpg

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The Single & Double Crochet Stitch

Double Crochet

This is the first stitch anyone will teach you. The next is the double crochet. Remember to insert your hook into the correct chain space!

This doesn't just apply to row 1, but every single row.

How to Single and Double Crochet.jpg

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